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I started this blog because of my intrest in Poker ... but then I realised I could also use it to show off some of my photos and even add more pages when i find something else im interested in..
Hi and welcome to my photo page ..... just like to say I havent been blogging long so I am still trying to work out a layout for my pictures ...... also these are pictures I have taken over the last couple of years .. so its nice to finally get them out for people to see. As I have a photo page I have been visiting other peoples photo blogs ..... and its great to see such a collection of fantastic photographs , and I am really looking forward to visiting more photo blogs ......... and adding a few links so you can see some of there pictures to ...... One more thing if you have a photo page mayby you would consider linking to my photo page and I will link to yours ....... if youre intrested leave me a note in a comment under a post ... and thanks in advance if you do.

Any Cityscapes

Hi visitors wondering can anybody help ... as much as i love animal and bird photography I was wondering is there any blogs with pictures of skyscrappers ... I havent come accross any .. and I would like to see some ... Ill leave an example up of what I would like to see and if you can reccommend a blog I would be delighted.

Not taken by me but I edited it

Monday, March 31, 2008


The picture with the boat wreck is taken near Fethard on sea Co Wexforfd .... where I go nearly every year as there is lovely beaches there .... and the other picture was taken in Cork


brucesc said...

I like the Irish landscapes so I'm putting your link on my list too. The old boat is particularly nice, but I like the birds best. Your header is great.

Photolong said...

Thanks for the visit and comment ... a link thats great really appreciate it .. ill return the favour.

Texas Travelers said...

Thanks for the nice comments on my site. You have some great scenics and wildlife.

I added you to my "Check it Out - Favorites" Blog roll.

Nice Masthead.

Troy in Ft. Worth, Texas

Photolong said...

Thats great texas travelers ill do the same .. hope to see you again.

pnfphotography said...

You have a very creative page and your images are very nice. I thought I would stop by and take a look and will be back. I will be adding your name to my list of artist to watch if it is ok.

Photolong said...

Pnfphotography thanks for the comment and i would be delighted to be added to that list.

the donG said...

the boat wreck is one of those really good shot.

Inlet from the sea

Inlet  from the sea
Yellow field

Japanese gardens Kildare

Japanese gardens Kildare

A selection of my pictures

Here are some of the pictures I have taken over the last couple of years , Hope you enjoy looking at them

From a visit to Dublin Zoo

From a visit to Dublin Zoo
Its been a long day

Swans and nest

Swans and nest
Picture taken in the Japanese gardens Kildare

Baby Ducks

Baby Ducks
Having a swim