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I started this blog because of my intrest in Poker ... but then I realised I could also use it to show off some of my photos and even add more pages when i find something else im interested in..
Hi and welcome to my photo page ..... just like to say I havent been blogging long so I am still trying to work out a layout for my pictures ...... also these are pictures I have taken over the last couple of years .. so its nice to finally get them out for people to see. As I have a photo page I have been visiting other peoples photo blogs ..... and its great to see such a collection of fantastic photographs , and I am really looking forward to visiting more photo blogs ......... and adding a few links so you can see some of there pictures to ...... One more thing if you have a photo page mayby you would consider linking to my photo page and I will link to yours ....... if youre intrested leave me a note in a comment under a post ... and thanks in advance if you do.

Any Cityscapes

Hi visitors wondering can anybody help ... as much as i love animal and bird photography I was wondering is there any blogs with pictures of skyscrappers ... I havent come accross any .. and I would like to see some ... Ill leave an example up of what I would like to see and if you can reccommend a blog I would be delighted.

Not taken by me but I edited it

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Something Diffrent

Hi thought I would post something different to-day .... these mushroom/fungus caught my eye and I had to photograph them ... they have been on my hard disk for about a year and no ones ever seen them ... so I think its time to show them off ... so a couple of mushroom/fungus post are coming up.


pnfphotography said...

wonderful mushroom collection - very nice they have such great shapes.

Photolong said...

thanks for the comment ....they can be intresting allright

Texas Travelers said...

Sometimes you can have a very good photo without being interesting.

Your photos are alway great and very interesting. They alway deserve more than a second glance.

Great Job.

Leedra said...

Love the mushroom 'holding' the leaves.

dailyphotographer said...

hi just dropping by, love your shots:D

Inlet from the sea

Inlet  from the sea
Yellow field

Japanese gardens Kildare

Japanese gardens Kildare

A selection of my pictures

Here are some of the pictures I have taken over the last couple of years , Hope you enjoy looking at them

From a visit to Dublin Zoo

From a visit to Dublin Zoo
Its been a long day

Swans and nest

Swans and nest
Picture taken in the Japanese gardens Kildare

Baby Ducks

Baby Ducks
Having a swim